Reem Zeidan has been creating dresses of extreme delicacy for over twenty years. Whether bridal or evening gowns, her designs are refined and intricate works of art created from luxurious fabrics and sewn with sheer detailing - every piece contains a precious part of Reem in them.

Zeidan's bridal collection echoes elegance and romance, magically turning every bride's dream into a reality.

Bridal gowns are created with the utmost delicacy and devotion, as deep consideration is given to her client's body type, personality, wedding setting and personal preference. Zeidan uses the finest kinds of silk to reveal the bride's allure and emphasize her body's most flattering features.

Zeidan's evening dresses evoke a world of lively connections and enchanting vibes, formed with lavish fabrics. Every piece is meticulously created to aesthetically cascade down the woman's body and glorify her feminity.

Reem Zeidan Création offers her clientele delicate design, flexibility and affordable luxury, all in one piece of art.
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